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How can I empower myself as a woman in a patriarchal society?

How can I empower myself as a woman in a patriarchal society?

Today, The Lesbionic invites us to wonder about feminism, as an historical social movement towards women empowerment and equal human rights.

So many questions and we want answers… it’s time to take our power back! It’s time to end violence against women!

On this beautiful 8 of March 2021, do you identify yourself as a feminist?

Are you joking? Have you read my previous statements? Asking me this question is as absurd as asking Trump if he could ever exist without money. Of course, I am a feminist! I will fight for women rights until my last breath. No matter what kind of feminism, I will always say YES. Eco-feminism: YES. International feminism: YES. What else? Just all of them: YES. We must fill every room with this topic. This is a strategy to bring awareness all around us in order to unite as a community. Today is the International Women’s Day because women still die every day under the violence of men. Another trick of the patriarchal system is to make women feel physically and mentally unsafe wherever they are.

Well, let me reassure you, dear patriarchy: NO! THE Lesbionic won’t comply. Does she even want to get murdered because she has female attributes? I don’t think so. What she wants is worldwide justice for women.

No need to get so emotional, sometimes women (like children) must get a physical correction to understand who they answer to. If a woman dies from the punches of her spouse, it is not my fault. She surely deserved it, they said.

Sounds familiar?

Starting from our politicians, to our schoolteachers, to our bosses, to our life partners… let them know that we will only accept gender equality, no matter what.

I can see that you feel strongly about this topic, are you on your period?

Thank you, Isabelle! Now I am sure that you are joking. Yes, I feel strongly about women getting their certainty needs met. We have the right to be safe while walking down the streets. We have the right to feel secure and to be violence free in our relationships. We deserve to express ourselves sexually and to get our physical needs met. All these rights are given when you are born with male attributes. The International Women’s Day is here to remind us that being born with female attributes is not a weakness. I am loud and proud of my achievements because I fight every day to dismantle patriarchy. Since birth, I was conditioned to be a servant of the system. I became a feminist instead.

What was the trigger for you to come out as a feminist?

It was at my university, when I witnessed the gender bias that made me part of only 25% of the students with female attributes graduating in economics. Apparently, science still “belongs” to “men” nowadays. I was able to confirm this fact when I discovered that medical studies of the female body are way behind in comparison to studies of the male body. The declaration of the exact anatomy of the clitoris (key to women pleasure) was only published in 1998. While in the same year, Viagra pills were already commercialized to help men with their sexual issues. The clitoris is not part of the medical scope because it has no reproduction purpose. However, the sexuality of women goes way beyond reproduction.

A woman that knows how to give pleasure to her body is a free woman, let’s never bring light on the power of the clitoris then. The enslavement of women must continue, they said.

Sexual education must finally change to start empowering women, their bodies and their minds. The only purpose of this organ called clitoris is pleasure. I am fascinated by how powerful women’s sexuality is. The silence is over, done. We have the right to masturbate without feeling guilty. We will orgasm and we will do it several times per day. My body is not an object of your desire but the core of my own sexual pleasure. 

Photography by Isabelle Thevenin. Extract from the book of Julia Pietri, LE PETIT GUIDE DE LA MASTURBATION FÉMININE, p. 143.

After discovering the wonders of your clitoris… did you have another life changing revelation?

First, I looked at my vulva with the help of a mirror and touched myself for days behind closed doors. When I was finally done, I was empowered. I went out of my house to trade my intellectual work for revenue. I lost the fear of rejection. I realized that my ideas are valid and valuable. They can also turn into a business model. Access to credits is not reserved to men anymore, women now have the power of value creation through organization. Being economically independent and sexually aware is just the beginning.

The Lesbionic found NOT Fun Facts…        

  1. Western scientists told us that they knew nothing about the clitoris anatomy until 1998. Parallel to that, we are still confronted with the millennial practice of female genital mutilation. This cultural tradition called “excision” in French, a crime against humanity, is still happening today. Every four minutes, the clitoris of a little girl is being cut somewhere on this planet! Coincidence? I don’t think so. The system is lying to us again and since the beginning of humankind. Patriarchy cannot survive if we keep sharing the stories of enslaved women.
  2.  Countries like France and Mexico started to register murders of women by men as “féminicides” or “feminicidas” because there is a dramatic societal issue (misogyny) that requires special attention from justice. Nowadays, Mexico registers approximately ten “feminicidas” per day! However, this word is not regularly used in English and poorly defined in the German language. This incomplete definition makes a “free democratic republic” like Germany question the existence of these hate crimes. This ends now. We will keep spreading our knowledge to ensure global women rights. The recent #metoo movement marked a shift in our human social history. It was just the beginning. We are on a mission to identify all injustices against women and to gather the necessary data. We will find worldwide solutions.

The Lesbionic Quote of the day…

“Let’s scream together that hate crimes against women will be punished in every country of the world. We are everywhere. We are organized. We are fighting for justice.” (08/03/2021)

The Lesbionic found Hope…

When you start understanding how powerful you are, the woman next to you feels it too. Together we can reorganize society based on equal human rights, not on domination (ciao patriarchy). My favourite example of this worldwide reorganization towards stopping endless violence against women is the song below written by Vivir Quintana, a Mexican feminist activist.

Women are singing to denounce daily “feminicidas” in Mexico and to ask for justice.

“Let the state, the skies, the streets tremble

Let the judges and the police tremble

Today they take away our peace

They sowed fear in us

We grew wings

Every minute of every week

They steal our friends

They kill our sisters

They destroy their bodies

They make them disappear

We sing without fear, we ask for justice

We scream for every woman missing

Make it resonate strong. We want them alive!”

Partial lyrics translation by Isabelle Thevenin.

Ten baby steps towards feminism:

  1. Explore your body, find your clitoris and masturbate until you orgasm.
  2. Be confident about your sexual needs and discuss with your partner what you enjoy.
  3. Start masturbating on a regular basis to reconnect with yourself.
  4. If you have a business idea, make a business plan, go to every bank available in your area to access credit. You are smart enough to make it happen.
  5. Be strong during times of rejection and try again even if you feel afraid and abandoned. Know that somebody else is going to give you the opportunity that you deserve.
  6. Show reason and educate people that try to disrespect women.
  7. Break the destructive cycle by empowering your daughter, not only your son.
  8. Keep discovering feminism and come out as a feminist. Find out what you are capable of when you are in the process of or already have liberated yourself.
  9. When somebody implies that you are a feminist because you “hate men”, simply tell them that you are a feminist because of your love for women.
  10. Reach out for help every time you need. All around the world, you can find a community of women that cannot wait to hear your story.

The Lesbionic Disclaimer…

Women empowerment is a complex movement that you can only fully understand if you keep educating yourself. 


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