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How can I be a free?

How can I be a free?

Today, The Lesbionic invites us to wonder about freedom, as a long-term journey towards liberation from greed.

So many questions and we want answers… it’s time to take our power back! It’s time to end capitalist hypocrisy!

Do you believe in freedom?

I want to believe in freedom, I really do. But somehow this concept feels like utopia when our governments are announcing the prolongation of the lock down like it is the weather forecast. They forget the struggle of their citizens who are suffering from extreme loneliness. How can a social animal be free when human contact is prohibited? How can a woman be free when she lives in a society designed to enslave her? Each era of the human history is marked by enslavement, just think of colonization. The idea that everyone should follow the same way of being, with a guide written and rewritten by white men supremacy (ciao patriarchy). This message is full of greed enabling the destruction of our planet. This message keeps spreading like a virus through the wrong stories. Where is the eternal straight white male hero that is able to save us (weak people)? Where is he when there is a pandemic outside? Where is he when natural disasters are stronger than ever before? He is dead. He is fiction. He is useless.

Well, let me reassure you, dear patriarchy: NO! THE Lesbionic won’t comply. Does she even want to believe all these lies? I don’t think so. What she wants is to live in harmony with her environment.

You will be free when you are above everybody else, rich and acclaimed by others like a king, they said.

Sounds familiar?

Starting from our parents, to our schoolteachers, to our bosses, to our politicians… let them know that we will rewrite the story, no matter what.

Do you think patriarchy holds me back from freedom?

Unless you are able to analyze and stop the spread of stereotypes, you cannot know who you truly are. These unconscious biases prevent you from identifying which part of you is not you. To be free, is to reconnect with yourself at the core and to accept your human condition. You are a social animal with a loving nature, not a baby maker. Your ideas deserve to be heard in the decision-making processes. Your life matters as much as the life of a white man.

Is there another system separating me from my true self?

Unfortunately, yes. All your behaviors are strictly regulated by the economical system. Patriarchy is the right hand of capitalism. A ruthless system guided by short-term profit where money is power. One of the most destructive beliefs carried unconsciously by our modern societies is that personal interest is more important than social harmony. The idea that individualism will create the best social organization. Under capitalist conditions, education does not aim to increase your own thinking. Modern human beings are alienated and lack imagination. They are conditioned towards greed, violence and hate.

“A person who has remained a person and not become a thing – cannot help feeling lonely, powerless, isolated in present-day society. She cannot help doubting herself and her own convictions, if not her sanity. She cannot help suffering, even though she can experience moments of joy and clarity that are absent in the life of her “normal” contemporaries.”, Erich Fromm, The Art of Being, p. 65.

I say that it is time to invest in people regardless of profit. Awareness has a liberating effect and is a condition to freedom.

Do you know how to reclaim our right to awareness?

You must hold states and politicians accountable for their actions. Public goods are remunerated by taxpayers: one of them is you. Their goal should never be profit. You must demand that they invest your money in national education to inform all their citizens properly, to free them from lies. The truth is mandatory to rewrite and amend the stories leading to capitalist hypocrisy. You are not selfish by nature. Mass consumption is not the only way. There is nothing worthy at the top of the social status pyramid, only contempt. Allow this awareness to organically change your patterns of thinking.

Why do I sometimes feel like the system will always be stronger than me?

Isabelle, just like me, you have been conditioned to be a slave of the system. However, I see clearly that your heart is already free. This question is guided by fatalism and fear. You are already spreading awareness to others; your courage is inspiration. Keep reclaiming your loving nature and take care of your home (our home): Mother Earth.

The Lesbionic found NOT Fun Facts…

A citizen (taxpayer) of a “free democratic republic” like Germany can suffer from deep unequal rights. For unconstitutional reasons, lesbians are not protected equally under German laws. Neither are many other people that identify as LGBT+. Citizens (other than straight white men) are not free because they are treated as an abnormality by the current framework that is supposed to create an equal treatment for everyone. For example, all citizens should be able to start a family under the same rights. However, a married lesbian couple is still inflicted by the second mother having to adopt the child. Whereas straight people are able to simply register a man as a child’s father (when he is not the biological parent either).

This type of hypocrisy can be identified in all systems guided by patriarchal capitalism. Today, freedom is still conditioned by systemic rules. I am cut off from the ability to create life and ergo from purely focusing on this new life growing. As a lesbian, I have to worry about getting a lawyer in due time (and also pay for this lawyer) to go through the adoption process. The fight can take several years, often in front of court. I have to prove that my own child (carried by my partner) can be recognized as such. Conditioned freedom is not freedom. It is 2021 and I cannot live a free life due to the constant patriarchal greed for control over women. The only certainty is that I will pay my taxes in due time. Societies must lay off their backdated beliefs and deliver equal rights for all of their citizens.

The Lesbionic Quote of the day…

Let’s scream together that capitalist hypocrisy will be punished in every country of the world. We are everywhere. We are organized. We are rewriting all the wrong stories.” (05/04/2021)

The Lesbionic found Hope…

To be free is a journey not a destination.

Ten baby steps towards freedom:

  1. Start practicing sport on a regular basis to connect body and mind.
  2. See your existence as generational, the spirits of your ancestors are proud of you.
  3. Get that butch haircut and wear it with pride. Come out and join us.
  4. Reclaim the rights to your body by appreciating all its beauty.
  5. Spend more time in daylight and nature. Bike more.
  6. Acknowledge how far you have come and be proud of yourself.
  7. Go out of your comfort zone. Keep discovering all the wonders of being alive.
  8. Release your emotions regularly with the help of a creative activity.
  9. Collaborate with your fellow lesbians. Create together
  10. Let go of the capitalist hypocrisy by putting people over profit!

The Lesbionic Disclaimer… is too gay to be true and does not have all the answers.

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