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Private Massage

Private Chakra Wellness Massage

Do you need some self-care time?

Our chakra massage can help you connect with yourself and balance your chakras.

We currently offer in person private massage on demand, to book send us an email at [email protected].

What is a chakra wellness massage?

Our chakras can be accessed in various ways, for example through specific asanas, aromas, healing stones, sounds and many more.
A great way to work with our chakras is by massage. A chakra wellness massage is a comforting massage aiming at bringing our chakra system in balance through touch and scents. Massages are great at any time of the year, a chakra massage will always light up your inner fire.

What are the benefits of chakra massage?

With a chakra massage you can find out which of your 7 major chakras might require more attention through conscious work with it. This can improve your overall well-being through targeting potential imbalanced energies. Like most massages, this sacred time helps you to connect with yourself showing love and appreciation to your physical as well as emotional body.

Why should I book a massage with Lesbionic Shakti Yoga?

When booking a massage with us, you can buckle your seatbelt for a time of pure bliss and relaxation. Prior to your appointment, we ask you kindly to submit a questionnaire from us. This questionnaire will let you reflect and indicates what channels we will focus on during your massage. The chakra massage is so special because we also work energetically and we customize your massage oil individually according to your chakra system.

Is the room cozy for a massage?

We have a beautiful calming space with an excluded room for the massage. There will be tea, candlelight, cozy blankets – everything you need to fully relax.

How long does a massage take?

Some days before the massage, we will send you a questionnaire. Filling this out takes about 10 minutes, depending on how your reflection process works. On the day of your massage, we will take a few minutes to arrive, speak about your chakras with some tea and then head over to the massage room. The treatment overall takes about 60 minutes with around 50 minutes pure massage and resting time.

Is it a safe space for all bodies?

Absolutely. Your body is amazing and beautiful as it is. During the chakra massage, your body receives the attention it deserves. It is our main aim for you to feel good – we cherish any and all body types. Any space with Lesbionic Shakti is aimed to be a safe space, this includes our yoga practice, tarot readings and our chakra massages.

Price: MEX $1 000 for 60 minutes of joy.

We look forward to share this healing session with you! contact us via email! [email protected]

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