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The practice of yoga is for me a method to determine the nature of who I am and who I want to be. I found myself slowly evolving from being a person to being a presence. During this transformation, I understood that this practice is powerful.

My yoga classes are an inclusive safe space for beginners and advanced students. Body positivity is essential for me as I welcome people with different shapes and backgrounds in my classes. As a teacher, I wish to empower my students with restorative and healing sessions. Additionally, as a harmonium player, I love to lead my students to meditation by singing meaningful mantras. Via call and response technique, I invite them to sing along and explore their own voices.

My teachings include Aromatherapy Flow, Recovery Yoga, Sound Meditation, Beginner Vinyasa Journey (10 classes) in English, French & Spanish. I wish healing for my queer community.


With my yoga classes I would like to offer a safe space in particular for queer people. My classes are therefore directed towards anyone identifying as a woman (including non-binary people), a member of the queer community as well as persons of all origins are welcome. I believe that an inclusive class can help participants to trust the process and be themselves and therefore benefit from all the great effects of yoga, such as belonging to a community, clearing your mind, releasing toxic energies, and many many more. My classes are aiming to serve the full body (and mind) by active vinyasa sequences as well as soothing stretches for every flexibility level. For some of my classes I really enjoy integrating the power of various herbals (for example in the form of essential oils, herbal oils, essential oil incense).

We wish to create a safe space, where we can be as we are and connect through the practice of yoga. We are happy to teach beginners and intermediates.

We believe that practising yoga helps us to understand what our body really needs in a physical but also in a spiritual sense. Living in a fast-paced environment and a society that often values profit over people can put you out of perspective. Everything becomes more important than your own well-being. Practising yoga re-arranges your inner priorities and can give a lot of clarity for what you actually want in life. We have learnt so much about ourself that we hope by teaching yoga we can pass on some of that knowledge and support others in their own individual journey.

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